I eat therefore I am.


I eat
therefore I am.

We are what we eat, therefore when we talk about food we talk about “thought”.
That’s because eating is not just about feeding ourselves but it is also a union with the territory, an idea of ​​nutrition, a working philosophy.

This philosophy, which we feel strongly within us, is above all connected to the raw material we cultivate: FARRO.
Farro is linked to primordial cultural codes as it is the oldest cereal in history and it represents, undoubtedly, the beginning of knowledge.
As a matter of fact, Farro is the “Prometeo” of nutrition, which has helped human beings since the early ages to advanced civilizations.

Cogito ergo sum, of course, but also edo ergo sum: I eat therefore I am.

If it is true that we are what we eat, it is just as true that the attention to production processes is essential to ensure that the product is perfect and above all healthy.



Research and Experimental fields 

Every year we select only the best spikes of our varieties of farro, in order to give farmers a pure seed, which is guaranteed in the field.

In our “Exhibition field” we cultivate different species of wheat that tell the story of cereals along millennia of evolution.


Specialized Italian supply chain

Real quality starts from the field, from the selection of farmers, from the right seed and from mutual trust: this is why our farro grows best in the Apennine ridges of Italy.

A specialized supply chain model that safeguards the environment, controls market fluctuations and ensures the safety of what we eat.


Specific transformations

Each transformation phase is carefully planned to preserve all the properties of farro and to give our products the best nutritional values.

With the authentic natural stone milling, we respect the richness that farro gives with its grain.


Organic einkorn taralli with fennel seed

Organic einkorn ciambelline al vino

Organic puffed emmer wheat

Organic pearled emmer wheat

Organic whole einkorn big cookies

Organic whole emmer Penne

Organic whole emmer Tagliatelle

Organic whole emmer Fettuccine


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