Prometeo's supply chain

A sustainable productive model and with a low environmental impact guarantees the best qualities and provides a complete traceability of the productive process. A supply chain model is the best guarantee regarding the origin of the raw material and the quality of every transforming process.

Our supply chain features:

  • we provide a selected and certified seed;
  • we provide a fixed price to the farmers in order to protect them from the fluctuation of the market;
  • we guarantee the collection of the crop with a price which is planned before the sowing;
  • we control and supervise on the fields all the cultivation phases.
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Prometeo Farro


We stipulate a cultivation contract with the farmers of our production chain that adds an ethic value to any of our products.

We guarantee to the farmers a fixed price and the collection of the crop, as well as the assurance of productive system that follows and listens to them.

Prometeo Farro


We select the seed that we give every year to the farmers of our supply chain. We directly transform the raw material to obtain flours and semolinas milled with a natural stone.

Research on the field


Cultivation of Farro is organized in a production chain and the whole productive process is completely monitored.

We follow the farmers on the fields in order to guarantee the best qualitative result, using a sustainable productive model.

Our Farro is cultivated in organic farms situated in centre and south regions of Italy.

Our company

The location in the city of Urbino allows us to operate in a territory well clung to the agricultural traditions of the centre of Italy and at the same time it is easily linked to the most intensely commercial areas of the North.

For our production we focus our attention especially to the farmers who work in the centre areas, where the culture and the cultivaion of Farro is stronger and where we can find high hilly territories.

As the matter of fact, in these areas, the cultivation of Emmer wheat, that is the farro for par excellence, is typical. We are talking about the Mediterranean Farro, mostly used in our Company. We stipulate cultivation contracts with trustworthy farmers that, for many years, have been valuable partners whom provide our certified seeds of our varieties.

This productive model is the one that is really sustainable for the agricultural production and, at the same time, it is the one that is able to give assurances to the cutomer. Our organic products are controlled and certified (from the purchase of the raw material, through the different phases of the transformation to the sale) from CCPB, one of the certifying authorized bodies.

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