Only organic agriculture farro

All our products are realized with organic farro cultivated in our supply chain. Flours and semolina that we use are milled with our natural stone mill, that preserves all the nutritional values of farro.

Emmer Fusilli Organic
Emmer Penne Prometeo

Emmer Penne Organic

Emmer Fusilli Prometeo

Emmer Fusilli Organic

Emmer Caserecce Prometeo

Emmer Caserecce Organic

Emmer Spaghetti Prometeo

Emmer Spaghetti Organic

Natural stone milling

Natural stone milling

The milling respects the richness of the nutritional values that farro gives.
The grind takes place in our natural stone mill that preserves the farro's characteristics unaltered and transfers them to our products.

Farro Prometeo

Only farro of production chain

Our scientific research and the natural passion for farro started in 1991.

Since then we have been selecting, producing and transforming only our varieties of organic farro, that we entrust to trusted farmers of our production chain.

Research on the field

Research on the field

Research on the field Every year we select only the best spikes.
On our experimental fields the history of cereals is told along milleniums of evolution