Prometeo's quality for your company

Pasta di farro Prometeo

Finished products

Organic Wheat pasta made with handcrafted care and only with Farro of our supply chain.

Mulino a pietra naturale Prometeo

Semifinished products

The qualification on Farro and the scientific research on fields lasted for more than 20 years, for companies who are looking for the best quality in the raw material.

Trasformazione del farro

Transformation and selection

Our experience and assurance of Prometeo's supply chain for companies who look for certified and controlled processes, with the best results guaranteed.

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Farro italiano Prometeo

Only 100% Italian Farro

We select, cultivate and collect our Farro in farms of the Centre of Italy, mainly in the regions of Marche, Umbria, Tuscany and Abruzzo.

Our supply chain

Our supply chain consists in farmers who share our natural passion of Farro. We stipulate a cultivation contract, we provide the seed and we collect the crop followig every step of the supply chain.

Agricoltori della filiera Prometeo
Trasformazione farro

Tradition and research

We joint the tradition on the fields and the mill with the innovaton of the reserach. For more than 20 years, we have established our varieties and we have always guaranteed a healthy and original product that comes from our selection.