Advantages of Farro for the organic world

  • It is a very rustic species, that adapts itself to poor and marginal terrains.
  • It has got a high tillering capability and a elevated height.
  • It is adaptable to different agronomic operations. Its origin goes back to 10.000 years ago!
Il farro Prometeo
Prometeo's Supply Chain

Prometeo Organic Wheat supply chain

Our supply chain represents a productive model perfect for the organic sector. Thanks to the special agronomic characteristic of Farro, even small parcels and marginal plots of land can become productive surfaces, without the use of treatments.

This is a good opportunity for small farmers who want to move to the organic cultivation:

  • we fix a trustful agreement with the farmers;
  • we follow the steps on the field with experts' support;
  • we guarantee the collection of the crop and the assurance of the price.